About Nikki

Crowned pop punk queen two decades ago and the rest is history — I’ve been photographing for 15 years, but have adopted an extra special love for live events and behind-the-scenes photography over the last 5 years. I strive to capture genuine, candid moments even in the most chaotic and crowded environments. Highlighting character and talent through intimate angles in classic black and white stylization is one of my favorite approaches to photography. I also share a passion for tones, texture and other details that blend analog looks with polished vibrancy. I take pride in tailoring each photo to reflect the subject’s energy in any specific moment. I am based in Los Angeles and always open to touring and travel gigs. In addition to freelance photography (Live Nation) and writing (Concert Crap, Rival Magazine), I recently established my own outlet, First III No Flash. Though my passion was ignited by rock music, I am a huge fan of all genres and artists, both modern and classic. Any dream job would be to work with an artist/brand who originally sparked my passion for music and photography. I feel complete knowing I can give something back as a thank you for molding who I am today.

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